Ally and I

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Ally and I

I sat down nervously at the bar. I ordered a strong drink to cool my nerves; she would be here any minute. I was nervous as hell; I had been talking with ally online for months, and had already fallen in love with her. I remember when I first saw her picture on the computer. How perfect she was, with dark blue eyes and long brown hair. I had fallen in love instantly with that smile. 

I looked around, and then looked at my watch. She was five minutes late; I was worrying that she might have chickened out. I quickly looked over myself. I was wearing knee length black dress, and a black jacket over it. I had just bought the dress, I knew she would like it. It wasn’t to fancy, so she wouldn’t think I cared more about how I looked than about meeting her. And it wasn’t too casual, so she wouldn’t think that I didn’t care about what a special occasion this was. 

I glanced at my watch again, ten minutes late. But when I looked back up, there she was. Standing at the entrance to the restaurant. My breath caught in my throat, she was beautiful. Ally was wearing a pair on black silk pants, and a low cut black shirt that was also made of silk. It was a simple but stunning outfit. She would look perfect in anything.

She spotted me and smiled. I felt myself melting under that smile, and I was drowning in those dark blue eyes. My heart was pounding in my chest and I felt faint. Just having her look at me left me feeling special. She walked over to me. Her pants making a gentle swishing noise as she walked.

"Emily?" she said in the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. I nodded and we reached out for our first hug. I could feel her against me, her warmth, I could feel her breasts rubbing against mine through the fabric of our shirts. I wanted to stay like this forever. The smell of her was enough to make me heady. We both broke away reluctantly, it would seem odd if we stayed wrapped around each other for as long as I wanted.

She smiled. As I led her over to the table, I felt her hand slip into mine and our fingers intertwine. We sat down at the corner table, and I nearly fainted again when she rested her leg against the inside of mine. She started talking to me, as I stared at her, she was so beautiful! 

"Would you like a refill of your wine ma’am?" asked the waiter. I snapped out of my trance, I had being staring at her chest for, who knows how long. I nodded; I had been so entranced by her, that I didn’t even remember ordering wine, much less eating. It unnerved me that I didn’t know what I had eaten. Ally smiled and asked me where too now.

I smiled, got up and paid. Then we went to my car; she held my hand the whole way. I started to say that she could get in her car and follow me to where I was planning on taking her. She smiled and squeezed my hand tighter. Ally told me that we could pick up her car tomorrow. My heart skipped a beat. I nodded dumbly and led her to my car. 

We got in and I started to drive. I was taking her to a nightclub I knew. It was small and private but nice. I knew she would love it. As I drove, I realized she had rested her hand on my thigh and was gently rubbing it. I was really aroused, and I was breathing heavily. She smiled and rested her head on my shoulder.

"You’re so beautiful" she whispered in a husky voice, I sat there in total shock. I was so overwhelmed by her that I nearly missed the turn to the nightclub. I pulled into a parking spot and turned off the car. We got out and she again grabbed my hand as I led her to the nightclub.

"Oh my god, Emily, this is great!" she said and gave me a big hug. This time we didn’t let go for a long time. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up.
"Emily, I’m not telling you to stop, but could you at least move out of the doorway so other people could get in." he said with a smile. I was a regular here and I knew everybody that worked her. We broke our embrace, a bit embarrassed. I drew her over, out of the way of the door.

"Emily, you’re the greatest" she stated, and gave me a quick kiss. I longed for it to be more, but then she pulled back. 
"Emily, would you dance with me?" she asked. She didn’t even wait for an answer before dragging me out onto the crowded dance floor. She started dancing against me, I was so horny, I tried to pull away and go get off in the bathroom. But each time I tried she just pulled me closer, rubbing herself against me. The music slowed, and couples formed. She pulled me to her, her hand resting in the small of my back.

"Emily, I want you, I’ve wanted you ever since I first saw you. Just being close to you is really turning me on, please Emily, I want you so /bad/">bad!" she whispered into my ear. Then she pulled back, face to face with me. "Please Emily, I know you want me. Oh just kiss me!" she said and I was obliged to do so. Our lips met, I felt her tongue worm its way past my lips and into my mouth. I kissed her as hard as I could, not wanting this moment to end.

She finally pulled away. She grabbed me and almost dragged me over to a couch. She sat me down and then sat down on top of me. She looked into my eyes and I saw that they were glazed over with sheer passion. She kissed me again, and I lost all restraint. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me.

I was glad that the club wasn’t strict on how far people went. It wasn’t too uncommon to see a couple of the couch fucking each other, that is if they had the guts, and we certainly did.
She slipped her hand up my skirt and started rubbing at my pussy through my panties. I moaned into her mouth as she slipped her hand past my panties and ran her hand along my slit. She slipped one finger into me, then another, and then another. She started kissing my neck and throat. I was bucking against her hand, as she finger fucked me. I slipped my hand into her pants and found that she wasn’t wearing any /underwear/">underwear. I eagerly slid as many fingers as would fit into her. She moaned, and we started rocking against each other. I was getting close, and she pulled away suddenly. She got off of my lap and spread my legs further apart. She pulled of my panties and threw them over her shoulder. Then she planted her milf porn videos face eagerly into my pussy. I felt her tongue run blowjob porn videos up and down my slit. I moaned and pressed myself against her face. She slid her tongue into my pussy and used it to explore every single inch of my pussy. I had lost all control now. I was bucking wildly against her face and clutching onto couch. To send me over the edge she took my clit between her fingers and rolled it a between them. I yelled out my orgasm and slumped down. She slid up beside me, and kissed me again. I could taste myself on her mouth. 

I laid her down on the couch still kissing her and started rubbing her breasts; I broke the kiss and pulled her shirt down so I could suck on her nipples. She moaned and arched her back, pressing herself against me. I pulled her pants down around her ankles and slid down planting myself between her legs. I blew gently on her pussy, causing her to moan louder. I smiled and ran my tongue along her slit. She tasted so good. I dove in and thoroughly licked every little bit of her pussy. I pulled my tongue out and latched my mouth onto her clit. I sucked at it while I jabbed it with my tongue. I slid as many fingers as I could into her. she was moaning, her eyes were wide and glazed over with pleasure. She was already screaming her head off, and when her orgasm hit, she went silent, her mouth open wide in a silent scream of pleasure. She slumped down, and I pulled my fingers out of her. then I licked her pussy dry, giving her another orgasm in the process. I slid up next to her and held her limp shaking form. I pulled her pants up for at least some modesty and held her as close as I could, she moaned, weakly and smiled.

"emily I love you" she mummered.

"ally I love you to" I replied and kissed her on the forehead. Then I passed out. we woke up the next morning. The night club owner had had us carried up to one of the rooms in the upstairs of the nightclub. I went down to find the owner. He had said that they couldn’t wake either of us up, and had had to carry us up here together because we were so tightly wrapped around each other. He also had managed to get my panties back. He said that we didn’t have to pay for using the room, it was on the house. I thanked him and went back up to wake up ally.

When I got to the room was reaching for the handle and it opened. Ally was standing there completely naked. She smiled and pulled me into the room. she closed the door and pushed me up against it. she kissed me deeply. "I need a drink" she said and started heading south. I smiled and knew it would be a long time before either of us got dressed again.