Jammals Luck Part 1

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Jammals Luck Part 1

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Jammal Scotts looked out the window of the bus he was traveling on. It was starting to get dark outside and he was cold. It seemed only yesterday that it was a hot afternoon and he was graduating from high school in Phoenix. He had a lot on his mind, namely, where he was going to sleep tonight. He had come to visit his brother for two weeks while his parents were visiting relatives in Georgia. However, his brother had been incarcerated when he arrived, charged with assault. His brother swore his innocence and made jammal promise not to tell his parents. This left him in San Francisco alone and with nowhere to stay until his brother got bail or was otherwise released.

"End of the line" called the bus driver.

Jammal stepped off the bus with his backpack slung over his shoulder. He found himself in the colorful castro district, the gay mecca of San Francsico. He trudged up the street, cold, and finally settled in a place on the ground between two buildings.

Getting as comforatable as possible, he began to think about better things. He was accepted to UC Barbara on a full, football scholarship and would be attending college in september, two months from now. At this moment, he noticed that he was being stared at. He looked to his left, and saw two men, both in their late twenties, early thirties, watching them.

"Hello" one of them said, he had brown hair, brown eyes, was tall, and was white.
"Hello, we just wanted to know if you'd like to come have something to eat with us, you look kinda cold." said the other, also tall and white, with pale blue eyes and hair.
Jammal was suprised at generosity already displayed by two strangers since he had sat down ten minutes ago. He happily agreed, he was very cold and quite hungry.

He went with them to a restraunt where they sat in a booth. They all placed their orders and introduced each other. The one with the brown hair was Jamie and the one with the Blonde hair was Mark. Jammal explained to them his situation and they seemed genuinely horrified.

"Well, we can't let you stay out on the streets like that! You'll have to come and stay with us until you get things sorted out," said Mark, Jamie nodding.
Jammal was suprised and very thankful and he graciosly accepted their offer. After dinner, they took a cab to their apartment. Jammal couln't believe his luck. The place was very large and they showed him to his room which contained a large bed and a bathroom of its own. After he thanked them again and they bed farewell to each other, Jammal readied himself for bed, still amazed at his luck. He pulled of his shoes, socks, and jeans. He then took off his sweatshirt and t-shirt, revealing defined abs and strong arms. He stretched out and then viewed himself in the bathroom mirror. His white, boxerbriefs contrasted with is dark skin and outlined his butt and the bulge at his crotch. He clambered into bed and fell asleep.

He awoke late the next morning and got out of bed. He went into the bathroom and immediatly turned on the shower. He rubbed his eyes and pulled off his boxer briefs, unraveling his . He examined it in the mirror. It was flaccid and, in its current state, seven inches long which, as he knew, was longer than the average penis when it was erect. He steped into the shower, his penis and large ball sack swinging freely beneath him.

Once he was out of the shower, he dried himself and got dresserd. When he emerged from his bedroom. Mark said hello and got him some breakfast. He said that they were going shopping today and if he'd like to come too. Jammal said sure and an hour later, they left for Union Square. Jammal was suprised when he found himself saddled with new clothes, shoes, a watch, and taken to a spa where he enjoyed a manicure and massages. Mark and Jamie said that they simply enjoyed buying things for him.

Once they were back, Jamie told Jammal that he did modeling and that he thought that Jammal was an excellent canidate.
"Really?" said Jammal, suprised.
"Oh yes, you look great. I do adult modeling by the way."
There was a pause.
"You mean ... you want me to be a pornstar?!" Jammal was astonished.
"Well, in a way yes."
"I don't know..."
"It pays extreemly well."
Jammal began to think about it. Being paid to have sex didn't seem so at all.
"Well, when... could I start?"
"How about tonight?"
"Yep, and ... with another guy"
Jammals jaw dropped. He was so NOT going to have ! He was strait - although he had always been slightly curious.
"You get paid three thousand dollars in like, an hour"
Jammal now stopped short of total refusal - this was a lot of money.
"Okay ... I guess I'll do it..."

Jamie and Mark grinned. "You'll like it", said Jamie who then took out his phone and began dialing.

Jammal went to the bathroom and contemblated whaat he was about to do. He definitly didn't think of himself as being gay at all. He told himself that he was going to do it but he was going to stay strait definitly, that this didn't change a thing.

Jamie came in and told him that he should go do a crap and possibly wash his butt out a bit.

He lay on his bed and rubbed his butt, trying to not envision what was going to happen. The doorbell range. He went to the door and a man stepped in.

He was Mexican, was muscular, and was tall. His name was Pedro and he was to be Jammals partner for today. Mark and Jamie led them into their bedroom where a camera was already mounted.

Mark sat down and Jamie stood by the camera. Then they real forced anal against her will said to go ahead.

Immediatly, Pedro unzipped his pants and then his shirt which revealed a very toned body and boxers. He pulled off his boxers revealing a monster penis. It was ten inches long and thick too. Jammal stared at it in amazement. Jammal slowely undressed, aware thatr he was being watched by everybody. As he undressed, he couldn't help but think about how big pedro's dick was and how he would cram that rod into him. It was definitly near the size of his.

Jammal finished striping and stood naked for a second. Pedro advanced and pushed Jammal onto the bed. He put Jammals flaccid dick into his mouth and sucked it. Jammals dick began to grow and eventually was its full twelve inches long. Pedro was even suprised at the monster. Pedro paused to cram Jammals ball sack into his mouth - his balls were the size of golf balls.

Jammal was ecstatic - this felt way better than when a girl did it in high school. Pedro tried, but couldn't get Jammals big, black dick down his throat, coming up two or three inces of getting it all in. Cupping his balls, Pedro managed to deepthroat Jammals enormouse rod for a long time until Jammal began to moan and shouted he was going to cum. Pedro pulled out and positioned himself next to Jammals uncut dick, licking it. Jammal then climaxed and exploded, he came and shot load after load into the air, hitting Pedro in the face and into the mouth until Jammals dick had the cum only running down his dick in streams. Jammal was panting and gasping, unable to move. Pedro set to work cleaning up Jammals crotch by licking it xnxxv sunny leone video from the top of his volcanic dick to the pools of cum at the base and finally, sucking clean his cum-drenched balls.

After a moment of rest, Pedro said it was Jammals turn. Jammal was now ready to take on Pedro's dick.

Pedro lay down and Jammal kneeled down. Unlike Jammal, Pedro was circumsized. Jammal cautiously lowered his head to Pedro's cock and placed his lips on the swollen tip. He then went down further so that his mouth was full of Pedro's big, Mexican dick. Jammal started sucking and decided that he liked the taste of Pedro's juicy dick. As he tried to ease more and more of it into his mouth, he began to gag a little but continued till he had gotten it into his throat. He could see that that he had another couple of inches but didn't see how it was possible to get any more in. He came up and them went down, only this time, Pedro put his hand on the back of Jammals head and shoved down so that Pedros balls were now against Jammals chin. Pedro moaned and Jammal continued to suck, even sucking Pedro's balls and touching his butt for a while. Then, Pedro stopped Jammal while he was sucking and stood up. He motioned for Jammal to continue and Jammal did and then Pedro said something in spanish and then pulled out of Jammal. Jammal knew Pedro was gonna cum and opened his mouth. Pedro then groaned and shot out a load that splated all over his face, then into his mouth. Jamal was covered in it and Jammal sucked on Pedro's dick for a while, swallowing the cum as he went. Jammal decided he definitly liked the taste of cum, and the sticky feeling it left behind in his mouth. At this time, they were given the opportunity to rest and clean up a little.

After a few minutes rest, it was time to fuck. Pedro said that he'd get fucked first and got into position on the bed. Jammal got behind him and took ou the vaseline.
"I'll do it" Said Mark. Mark came over and rubbed the vaseline on his hands. He grabbed ahold of Jammals sausage and rubbed it till it was shiny with vaseline. Then he slapped Jammals butt and went back to his seat.
Jammal began to push his rod into the firm, muscular butt of Pedro. He slowely eased ikt in until it was three inches from being all the way in. He then pulled back slowely, causing pedro to moan. Then he shoved in and then out and then sped up until he was using powerful thrusts. He was fucking Pedro so hard that the bed was shaking around and Pedro was yelling. Jammal just kept thinking harder and faster, it felt so damn good he just wanted to tear up Pedros guts with his pounder. At this time, Pedro began to cum. It shot out with every fuck and then Jammal felt something coming from within and yelled and then pulled out and cummed all over pedros ass and his back and the bed and on himself, he came like he never had before. He lay there for a moment while pedro just massaged his dick up and down, gasping. He felt like he had reached heaven.

After a couple of moments, it was time to switch places.

Jammal got ready and waited while vaseline was put on his ass and on Pedro's dick. Pedro then placed the tip of his dick at Jammals tight, virgin and began to push it. Jammals mouth opented but no sound came out. The pain was immense but undoubtably erotic. He waited for Pedro's dick to go all the way in but it seemed to keep coming. Everytime Jammal thought that it wouldn't be able to go any further, it did. Finally, Pedro's dick was all the way in. Jammal was in pain and had never felt anything that could compare to this. Pedro was so far into him that he felt like Pedro's dick was in his stomach. The Pedro withdrew and then slammed forward. Jammal screamed for a moment and then was silent. Then Pedro began to go in and out, holding onto Jammals waist for support. Within a minute or two, Pedro was ramming Jammal very hard, repeatedly and very fast. Jammal was being fucked so hard that he was screaming and the bed was rocking and the light was actaually flickering with every fuck. Jammal felt himself beginning to cum and suddenly he was shooting loads. Every fuck sent a shot of it splattering all over the bed. Finally, Pedro began to cum too, fucking so hard that Jammals knees were actually off of the bed and in the air. Jammal's ass filled with cum Pedro proceeded to cum all over Jammal's ass and back. When Pedro finally stopped, Jammal collapsed forward, into the pools of warm cum below him, his ass dripping of cum. After about ten minutes of lying there, Pedro got up and went into the shower. Jammal lay there in astonishment at what had happened. He was covered in cum and his ass felt as if he had fucked a flagpole.

Pedro came in then, dressed. He talked to Mark and Jamie and then slapped Jammal on the butt and said "you have one hell of a fun ass, we'll do that another time, huh?" and then left.

"Well, what did you think? Fun?"
Jammal just nodded.
"How'd you like to do that tommorow?"
"Hell yeah"

To be continued ...