My fertile Motherinlaw

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My fertile Motherinlaw

I guess i will start at the start of everything. I married my wife when she was 20 and i have known her for 2 years before that. I have always had a little thing for her /mom/">mom who is only 18 years older than her (yes she got knocked up in high school)and she has always seemed sexy to me.

Well we have been married for a few months now and the other the other day her mother called and wanted to see if i can come help her put up all of her christmas decorations alain lyle porn (her husband is out of the country on buisness)and she can not lift everything.

Well i arrived at there house and saw that my mother-in-law was tring to get everything off of the tree. First i will tell you she always wears these shorts that come up her thigh and you can see about everything and she hardly wears a bra when she is home but what i have always loved is that she is not trying to be sexy she is just happier dressed like that.Well back to the story,i walked in and she is standing on a chair trying to reach the top of the tree so i go over and see if i can help. Well as i was walking up i saw her start to fall backwards so i put my hands out to catch try and catch her and got more than i expeted because my hands went right up her shorts and i got a feel of her uncovered pussy.She was really suprised and let out a yelp and jumped of the chair,and you could tell she embarrased,as i was embarrased too.She looked at me and said "what in the hell do you think you are doing?". Well i looked down at the ground and said"Im sorry but you were falling and i tried to help you,i was not trying to touch you...well there".
So she came up to me and gave me a hug and said "thats ok,i am really horny and it felt really good plus...well i have not had sex in over 10 years and it felt good having a man hold me"

Well thats all i needed because i reached in to her shorts to get a better feel and all my god was she wet,so i rubbed her pussy with my fingers and was suprised when she lowered herself down on them and my fingers slid in with a moan from her and she was already gushing fluid out of her pussy,so i lowered her on the couch and took her pants off.I looked up and saw she already had here shirt off and was licking her own breast. Well i took a look at thevery pussy my wife came out of and it got me so hard,that i just put my face in here and ate her out.She came at least 3 times before she pulled me up and said "baby fuck me like i have never been fucked before". I pulled my pants down and rubbed my dick on the outside of her pussy and asked her "are you sure you want to do this?" and she said"every since i met you,i want you in me so /bad/">bad and if i was not on the rag 2 weeks ago i might have tried than" So i started to put it in her slowly but she grabbed my hips and drove me in her..very deep.I started moving in and out at a good pace and i could already feel my sperm building up but i could not blow yet,and at that same time i felt her cum so hard i almost let go. Her juices were just flowing on to the new couch as i was driving in her,and she came again,on my i cant keep my sperm in so i kissed her like never before and drove my dick as far in as i could and at that time i let out the best orgasem i have ever had,i pumped cum shot after cum shot deep in her womb and i just could not stop.

To finish my story, we never again had sex but that was all it took because a little over 9 months indian santali xvideo later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl (who knew you could get /pregnant/">pregnant at 40)and nobody ever suspected anything.......or did they?