The Unexperienced

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The Unexperienced

It was a hot summer day and being so bored I decided to go to a friends house. When I got there we both just sat on his couch watching TV. sexxxx video ful hd His /sister/">sister came in wearing a white tank top and cut off shorts. She was by far the /women/">women of my wet dreams, about 54, 120, 34 C cup, long blond hair, and beautiful blue eyes(every mans and some womens dream).

When she walked in she smiled and said "Im going to my boyfriends! Be good!" To my disappointment she left. My friend who is about 58 /athletic/">athletic with brown hair and eyes said he wanted to show me something. He said follow me and we went down to his basement. He picked up a magazine with some porn star half naked. We both laughed and started looking at the pages. There was a series of pages that had a guy and a girl posing.

The first page she was taking his probably eight inch, cut and shaved cock in her mouth. We both looked at this picture for what seemed like 10 minutes. I felt a little embarrased when I could feel my 6" cock bulging in my shorts. We heard a noise upstairs and decided we needed to go to a more secluded place to look at the porn, in case someone came home. We had talked to eachother before about looking at our dads porn and masturbating to it so this wasnt anything new for us.

We went to the only place where no one would ever find us, the pasture behind his house. The grass was just long enough no one would ever see us! When we got there he asked if I wanted to be naked. We were both hot from the sun and werent shy about being naked in front of eachother. We both quickly got naked and were both sporting strong hard-ons! We both laughed it off and started looking at the magazine again. We got back to the page with the girl giving a blow job when he asked if I wanted to act out what they do in the magazine. I asked what he meant and he stated, just lay there Ill go first and do what she is doing.

Without saying anything else, and without giving me time to say anything I felt his warm mouth surrounding my cock head. Neither of us had had much if any sexual experiance so I was in awe. He looked up and smiled at me and said does it feel good? I just smiled and said Ive never felt anything like it! Then his mouth surrounded my cock head and he looked up and slowly moved down my shaft. I felt my balls tense in pleasure. I stopped him and said, OK your turn! He layed down and I took his warm cock in my hand, I moved my head down and took his cock head in my mouth. I could taste the salty precum which tasted good to me.

He moaned and I slowly took in as much as my mouth could handle. As I started pulling up he moaned louder. Noticing the pleasure it gave him and the excitment I was getting I started sucking his cock nice and slow. I stopped for a second so he could show me another picture of the girl sucking on the guys balls, I laughed and started licking and sucking his sack. After licking and sucking his sack I licked xxx sex video download free com up his shaft and took his cock in my mouth again. This time I picked up the pace, after a short few minutes he moaned loud and I felt his cock tense harder in my mouth. I felt his cum explode in my mouth for the /first-time/">first time! Not know what to do I could barely keep much of it in my mouth as it dripped down my chin.

I couldnt take much more and started playing with my cock while on my knees and inches from his cock while he still layed there. My swollen head touched his cum covered cock head slicking my cock with his cum. This was almost too much excitment for me and I started spurting /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum all over his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls. It was too much for me to handle and I fell on top of his cum soaked body......more of us to follow!